WBJ – Introduction

As reported by Baliel, the city Oséamune, world S359, seems to be a good place for kurukas to dwell in. It has almost all the requirements. The magic analysis showed presence of seëlir. The local mythology, myths and legends also correspond to what could have been ancient kurukas: every god has a specific attribute, and the names could be simplified forms of the kuruka language. The most interesting god in that regard would be Valiès. Though they don’t seem to be part of the pantheon anymore, Valiès was the god of hope and death. Indeed, Oséamune has a surprisingly positive and cheerful view of death, strongly tied to hope. I believe it to be a consequence of mingling with beings for whom death is not a permanent state.

Now, the most obvious hint of their presence – except the seëlir – is the official existence of a third gender called « méray ». I give Seriel the honour on picking apart the language in more detail since he’s the most knowledgeable one on that subject, but I believe that we can all agree on the fact that this is the exact same name kurukas use for their magic experts. Oséamune has also advanced technology compared to the rest of the continent it is in. The presence of kurukas could have led to prosperity and wealth way earlier which, in turn, accelerated discoveries and research. I could continue with Oséamune’s view and use of magic and how the citizen interact with their environment, or the society and its hierarchy which also shows kuruka characteristics, but those topics are, again, better explained by Doctor Seriel. I will make sure to task him with a whole report.

Thus, I firmly suggest investigating Oséamune further. The actual situation of the city is favourable for infiltration. As it seems, Oséamune does scientific research in regards to magic. It developed a virus which did go rampant, forcing the city into quarantine. Their research and technological progress appears to be a secret, since they hide behind political and economic reasons, which creates tensions between their country and neighbour countries. I do also strongly suggest taking advantage of this situation. The organization’s knowledge exceeds that of Oséamune’s scientists. We could handle that virus without much of a problem, and Oséamune is desperate enough to welcome us with open arms. I don’t believe that there is going to be a better situation to make this city ours. In the end, it does not even matter if kurukas were or are present. We can make the investment worthwhile since the place has every characteristic needed to make it attractive to them. The most wonderful trap.

This ends my impressions of the situation, as requested.

It now is the year 3024 in the oséamunien calendar.


Written for the World Building June 2017 – Introduction

I will not do all the prompts. I may try to illustrate them later. I may also modify them, depending on the feedback I get, and compile everything into one big post