Deadly Gods

Author : Véronique

Saa is a mage ; not only is he seriously ill and addicted to the drug that is magic, but he is also a valuable prey for society if he doesn’t hide his talent. In a world where mages need to constantly restock their magic, Saa ends up within an inch of death, eaten away by the substance running in him, and he surrenders himself to a man pretending to have a cure. But the latter does apply without mercy the sentence reserved for non-declared mages : he robs him of his freedom.

Now a slave, human tool without future nor hope, Saa tries the impossible : to save the world he holds dear from the ongoing war in order to give it back the light Nature has stolen from humanity centuries ago.

Note : Deadly Gods does not have any relation with the Corridor of Worlds, and is a standalone project.

The Project

Deadly Gods the contrary of the Dead Life and The Glass Lies : a straight forward plot, a world with simple rules. A dark fantasy story concentrated around a handful of characters, where relationships, and not the world, are at stake.

This project is written in French. There may or may not be a English version in the future.

For the curious

[French] Excerpt first draft – Chapitre 1