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 The English version is still under construction and proofreading in progress. Thank you kindly for you patience.

The Corridor of Worlds, created by Véronique is the global name of a project containing different independent stories set in the same universe.

The Dead Life is the story of Saêl Ladelis, art dealer, in his quest on destroying the world.

The Glass Lies is set in the cultural metropolis of Oséamune which must face its rejected past.

Deadly Gods is the exception which confirms the rule, and is not part of the Corridor of Worlds, but presents itself as a break between the other projects. A simple story without pretension.

“La part de vérité” is a story written by Caroline, and the pages associated to this project are hers alone.

Please note that the main language of the website is French : some content, and blog articles may or may not have an English translation for the time being.