The Glass Lies

Author : Véronique

“And the price ?”

Its smile widened again. Cruel, without the slightest hint of mercy.

“Responsibility. You are going to make the decisions. The changing. You are the one messing around with the lives of millions. I will tell the story and change it accordingly to your desire. You have one chance. One chance of change. One chance on condemning. One chance of salvation. One chance to never be born. One chance to lose what you forgot to have. But whatever the result, you must live with the responsibilities of your choices ; the deaths you created and the lives you saved.”

“I accept.”

So, it was done. He could change everything. For the better or the worst. The fate of his hometown was in his hands. And in the one of the storyteller, for he was sure it was going to tell the story of Oséamune in the most unconventional way possible. A delicate dance between he and this being, with the souls of so many people between them.

For the storyteller did not care of what becomes of this world, not being part of any of it.

For the storyteller did only care about his own boredom.

The project

At the very beginning, Oséamune was a role-play world. The universe did developpe rapidily, to a point where it did become a serious and solid project. The world buidling part is a lot of joy, and relaxing to do between studies and other projects. But as a consquence, it progresses sowely. For the moment, it is my onw personal playground where I can toy around at my heart’s content.

Quite the opposite of the “Dead Life”, Oséamune is not supposed to become a novel per se. For the moment, it’s ever-changing between interactive story, or visual novel, and graphic novel or comic, since putting in place possible choices form readers is a real brain-teaser.

For the curious

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